Can Alternative Media PROVE an Alternate Reality?

My mind began to expand shortly after the Las Vegas massacre from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. I’ve always been skeptical of initial news reports as they continue to be corrected as days go by after a major event. I thought the misleading early news reports were just a rush to be the first one reporting in a very competitive market. However, right from the first videos being posted on social media, my logical brain started rejecting the news reports of a single shooter and the suspect’s profile as nothing seem to quite fit. That is when after searching YouTube, I started finding a lot of other people who shared my doubts and that led to some very talented and skilled folks performing their own testing and analysis on all of the live video footage from that event. Again, I’m not a gullible person and if something peaks my interest, I tend to perform in-depth research to either prove or debunk it, before I “stick” to my final opinions. It was this event that opened my eyes to the vast amount of resources available outside the main stream media (MSM) that provided expert knowledge, research, documentation and factual information. So, I started “fact-checking” some of the MSM trump bashing with the alternative media information. And this is when I stumbled upon an incredible “happening” that made me sit on the edge of my seat, bite my nails and glue myself to YouTube for the past 8 months. Although I’m always skeptical with anything “anonymous” and to be honest, I haven’t completely made up my own mind yet, this awakening that I have experienced needs to be shared, and it needs to be shared now.

The Beginning

Main Stream Media Sucks!

I can’t believe anyone still believes the main stream media “news” reporting! The 2016 presidential election certainly was an eye opener to how biased the MSM has truly become, regardless of what ridiculous political party you favored.

If you really want to know what’s going on in this world today, drop your TV service provider and use the internet to watch the news! It’s incredible how little information the MSM is providing and how the “news” is consistently confused with “entertainment”.

I’ve been without “main stream TV” for the past year now and the term “conspiracy theory” has taken on a whole new meaning!