Yerthinkingit is here because we think we are thinking the same things that a lot of  other hard working people are thinking these days! Our government is a sham, corporate America is a scam, and our freedom is on the lamb! It’s really hard to know who to even believe anymore. If you still think any politician, government agency, or the main stream media is not corrupt, then you NEED to wake the fuck up!

Is the truth even out there for us to find? Who is just full-of-shit and who is deliberately feeding us shit? Is it possible the greedy pharmaceutical companies are causing us diseases to make more profit? Is it at all conceivable that our government is controlling our weather and causing disasters for some corrupt purpose?

Should we be worried? Should we be preparing for something catastrophic to our way of life? Should we be preparing for a revolution? Should we be scared?


Say what yerthinking!

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